Bau Lian B.V.

Sep 09, 2016

Bau Lian B.V.

Bau Lian B.V. in the Netherlands


Our office and warehouse is located at Hastelweg 149D, 5652 CJ in Eindhoven. Bau Lian B.V. serves as both the main distribution center for Ek Archery Research products and its after-sales service center. At this time we only sell products to dealers; however, any consumers are welcome to contact us during office hours for product information.


For dealers who are interested in distributing Ek products, you have our invitation to visit our office and to physically experience our products. We have a show room with all of the current Ek line and an indoor archery range for you to test them out. Please call in advance and make an appointment for a visit.

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